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Know a little about our history

Hipica Corumi first started its business in the mid-90s, as a partnership between its owner José Mariano Alves and the horse rider Sergio Marins. This fantastic property located in the mountains (Serra do Curral) in Belo Horizonte, has been for many years José Mariano’s grandpa dairy farm (Mr. Navantino Alves.)
Sergio Marins has dedicated his whole life to Horse Riding having more than 30 years of experience and training, which has brought him several conquests , for instance, as a member of the Brazilian team at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 ( as a competitor ) and at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 , as a professional trainer for Horse and rider combination. Moreover, Sergio had the chance to join the Brazilian Team at FEI Word Events and World Equestrian Games. In 2018, the rider was the South American champion for competitions in Bolivia, besides he won the title at senior level ranked as Top Brazilian Rider, among other national and worldwide championships.
The passion for horse riding has reignited Sergio and Mariano’s idea to launch a new project: SM CORUMI EQUESTRIAN TEAM. – “Our focus is to assist and develop both horse and rider, from basic to advanced levels, so that they can participate in equestrian games. We are all proud of a successful journey for everyone who have passed through our lives such as riders, students and racehorse owners. Also, we breed champion horses that are really important for equestrian sports”.
Our team has Gabriel Kayan and Felipe Ferreira’s support, young talented riders who are well known in Brazil. Both have technical skills and capacity to spread their knowledge while receiving new students in our school, and the ability to guide riders.
Considering the wonderful and blessed place, where our riding CENTER is located, we concern that our students experience a great family-friendly environment to feel they are at home, having the chance to interact with their friends, families and of course, with our most unifying passion, which is the HORSE. Furthermore, we try to combine all the necessary professionalism to catch up with the technical schedule that we offer to the students, this way they are able to achieve conquests in State, National and International Horse Riding competitions.

Equipe SM

 Hípica Corumi

Av. Prof. Navantino Alves, 277
Cidade Jardim Taquaril . BH
MG . CEP 30285-746


(31) 97163-1521 (Estabulagem e Escola Vip)
(31) 99208-1006 (Sérgio Marins)
(31) 99580-0637 (Gabriel Kayan)
(31) 99902-0656 (Felipe Ferreira)
(31) 99954-4606 (Escolinha)