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Equine-assisted therapy is a therapeutic and educational method that uses horses in disciplines such as health, education and equestrian sports, looking for biopsychosocial care development.
‘’EM MARCHA ‘’ (Atividades e Terapias Assistidas com Equinos) is a partner company which works with us for this therapy, coping with children, youth and adults , regarding different contexts as follows:
- Children under seven year age, when recommended or if there is the need for individual support for students who want to start Horse Riding
- Different age groups, if recommended physiological support or anthroposophical methods (Waldorf Pedagogy)
- Different age groups, if recommended health or education approach in parallel or as complementary therapy to the sport development

Equipe SM

Av. Prof. Navantino Alves, 277
Cidade Jardim . BH
MG . CEP 30285-650


(31) 97163-1521 (Estabulagem e Escola Vip)
(31) 99208-1006 (Sérgio Marins)
(31) 99580-0637 (Gabriel Kayan)
(31) 99902-0656 (Felipe Ferreira)
(31) 99954-4606 (Escolinha)